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I am Sailor Libra the creator of this site. This site is dedicated to Tokyo Mew Mew, which is one of my favourite anime and mangas, - I hope you enjoy my site.

Sailor Libra
Update Log

Waow.. an update! How amazing! :-)
Had some technical problems on the site which should be sorted out now.

This site now has a guestbook which you're more than welcome to sign!

Gallery update:
Mew Minto - 7 pictures
Minto Aizawa - 10 pictures
Mew Lettuce - 5 pictures
Lettuce (Retasu) Midorikawa - 11 pictures
Mew Pudding - 8 pictures
Pudding (Purin) Fon - 12 pictures
Mew Zakuro - 6 pictures
Zakuro Fujiwara - 12 pictures

- enjoy

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